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Music starts where words will end.

- E.T.A. Hoffmann -


Welcome to my website! Here you will find information about my live performances, my work as a studio artist, as well as my recording studio.

I have been a professional drummer since 2007, where I have toured and performed with artists, such as Beat Club Graz, Bobby McFerrin, Christian Zach, Circles, David Hasselhoff, Die Heilbrunner, Dj Twio & Age 85, Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung, Herztattoo, Hohes C, Joe Zawinul, Julian Grabmayer, Keep Cool, Luttenberger*Klug, Melissa Naschenweng & Band, Nik P. & Band, Roastoa, Tasty Tunes, Wiener Sinfonie Orchester.

I have performed live with Joe Zawinul, Bobby McFerrin and the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra (conducted by Johnny Bertl) at the opening ceremony of the Vienna Festwochen as well as other TV-shows, including "Willkommen bei Mario Barth" with David Hasselhoff.

I have played several concerts with Luttenberger*Klug at the Vienna Donauinselfest, and opened as a supporting act not only for Tokyo Hotel but also Christina Stürmer. The Luttenberger*Klug band which I led is a two time winner of the Amadeus Austrian Music Award.

I am a member of the group Nik P and if we are not recording material in the studio we are performing live concerts throughout Europe and on TV-shows. Please visit www.nikp.com for more information.

A special thank you to my friend and mentor Josef Hirzberger for understanding the gift I was given to play music right from my heart.



I would like to support artists and producers realize their aspirations by giving them the opportunity to work in my recording studio and help them maximize the drumming potential in their records. My experience includes cooperating with producers, such as Alexander Kahr, Andi Beit, Georg Ludvik, Henning Verlage, Hubert Molander, Josef Knöbl and Mathias Roska.

My work has been awarded three times gold, two times double-platinum and one time platinum.



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Sabian HHX Cymbals

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Adulthood is staying a child while growing up.

- Erich Kästner -


Wanna book me? For any inquiries happy to get in touch.

Harald "Hari" Vorraber